Below we would like to talk to you in a few words about our new and innovative company.

Golden Sand entertainment company, is a new company with a note of freshness in the field of entertainment.

The company is headquartered in Greece and more specifically on the island of Rhodes,
is included and managed by people specialized in the field of entertainment and customer service for over 20 years.

Our company provides its services with a new dynamic for the whole
range of customers from children’s entertainment to adults’ entertainment.

Our animators come from all over the world, they are multilingual as they have special training not only in the field of exercise but also in the field of approaching each client individually.
Our team is also surrounded by people specialized in children’s creations and evening shows.
The goal of our company is to ensure the best for our customers as well as for the hotel customers.
A few words about our work


“The smallest guest are the most important»
With our team that has taken over the children’s field, our little visitors will have the opportunity to transform into pirates, clowns, painters and whatever else they want.


One of their most memorable vacations.
They contribute to the attention of children from the ages of 12 to 18 by participating with them in various activities such as sports, games and shows.


We offer experiences of all kinds from fitness programs, games and daily shows.


We are here for you.

Our members are in constant communication with customers on a daily basis,
constantly trying to offer and carry out any problem that will be presented to them with its quick solution.

Do you have any desire?

We will do it for you.